Ovulation induction

If your body is not ovulating regularly, usually meaning you don’t have a regular menstrual cycle, then some medication in the form of tablets like Letrozole, Tamoxifen or Clomiphene can be used to stimulate ovulation to happen.

Monitoring of the menstrual cycle to observe the time of ovulation and then sperm will be injected into the cavity of the uterus with the hope of it meeting and fertilising an egg. It may be done in a natural cycle or with some stimulation medication. The best candidates for this are those couples who are unable or having difficulty with sexual intercourse.

Stimulation of the ovaries to usually produce multiple eggs that are extracted from the body and fertilised with some sperm in the laboratory. This is followed a few days later by transferring the embryo(s) into the uterus.


If the sperm are not of the ideal quality or quantity, then following an IVF cycle, the collected eggs may be injected by a sperm that is selected under a microscope. This is the recommended treatment for significant male factor infertility, or if there has been poor fertilisation of the eggs with an IVF cycle previously.
Male hormonal therapy
Some men have low levels of hormones such as FSH or LH and this can be treated by administering injections of these hormones to help promote sperm production. Sometimes, in less severe cases, oral medication like Clomiphene and Tamoxifen can be used.

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