What to expect on your Retreat

Pre detox guidelines
Tailored treatment plan
Juice detox program OR full board meals
Rural accommodation
Welcome pack and Platinum bag
Nutritional supplements
100% gluten and dairy free
Raw and vegan
Detox herbal teas
Detox dry skin body brush
Ayurvedic mouth cleanser
Platinum detox and health manual
Use of all facilities
Guided Meditation Classes
Yoga Nidra
Lymphatic Movement Classes
Fitness Classes
Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa and other yoga styles
Boot Camp
Petanque court

Croquet lawn
High speed internet/Wi-Fi
Free onsite parking
Quality linen and towels
Quality toiletries
Daily check in with group leader
Support from Detox Manager and Nutritionist
Emotional support throughout
Self-enquiry journaling process
Guided country walks
Library of educational talks/videos
Breaking the fast raw foods
100 Juice and Smoothie recipe book
Healthy shopping ideas
Post retreat support and advice
Useful post detox resources
Post detox meal planner and recipes
10% discount for The Natural Dispensary
Home Detox, Yoga and Healing Program (optional and extra)
Kate Tyler’s best-selling book – The Little Black Book of Fitness

IVF Company – Fertility Detox Retreat

The Fertility Detox Retreat Package is for individuals and couples looking for a holistic approach to fertility. Perhaps you are seeking ways to prepare and enhance your body and mind for conception and childbirth, riding yourself of old physical, psychological and emotional toxins. Perhaps you are in the early stages of fertility-related issues and require help, guidance or support. Perhaps you have already gone through IVF or other fertility treatments, or are about to commence with treatment.

People who experience problems conceiving often experience a reduced sense of physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing, which may leave them feeling depressed, anxious, worried, hopeless, guilty, frustrated, angry and even jealous of others.

Fertility problems can affect all areas of your life including work, family, relationships and overall health. The Fertility Retreat will help individuals and couples to deal with the impact of infertility and may help to address the possible causes through comprehensive cellular detoxification, holistic healing, awareness and education.

Unhealthy beliefs which result in unhealthy negative emotions and behaviors, over time will disturb the natural balance of the body. When the body’s natural balance is disrupted, the reproductive system and endocrine system (the system that regulates hormones) is affected. The hormonal system also reacts first to stress. If these beliefs, emotions and physiological responses are not properly addressed fertility, as well as overall wellbeing, may be negatively affected.

Benefits of The Fertility Detox Retreat
Detoxing the body and mind on a deep cellular level
Reducing stress, worry and anxiety about fertility and parenthood
Increasing feelings of calm using hypnosis, yoga, meditation and breathing exercises
Restoring physical, mental and emotional balance, health and wellbeing
Educating the individual or couple on lifestyle changes, diet, exercise and lifestyle
Restoring blood pH Levels and hormonal balance.

Preparing for conception by helping you:
To make necessary changes to lifestyle, diet and exercise habits
To feel confident and ready for parenthood
To Improve intimacy and sexual relationship (for natural conception)
Help restore menstrual health, or sperm count and mobility
Prepare for IVF or other fertility treatment.

Providing On-going Support:
Teaching self-help tools and techniques that continue to enhance fertility
To maintain the changes that have been made post-retreat
Supporting you to make decisions about fertility treatments and other options for parenthood
Skype and face to face consultations post-retreat are also available (as extra).

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