Enhanced Patient Experience
At THE IVF COMPANY, we use IVF VR technology to create a more immersive and personalized experience for our patients. This helps them to better understand the IVF process and prepare for what to expect.

Stress Reduction
Our IVF VR technology can help reduce stress levels during the IVF process by offering a calming and peaceful environment for patients to relax in. This can lead to better overall health outcomes and improve the chances of success.

Improved Success Rates
Studies have shown that using VR during the IVF process can improve the chances of success by reducing anxiety and stress levels in patients. At THE IVF COMPANY, we strive to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients and use the latest technology to achieve this.

While IVF VR may seem like an expensive technology, it can actually save money in the long run by reducing the need for additional treatments or medications. It can also help to streamline the IVF process, leading to more efficient use of resources at THE IVF COMPANY.


Virtual ICSI training simulator for professionals, universities, clinics, and other organisations.


Unexplained infertility has become a well-known phenomenon in our lives, making IVF one of the most blooming fields of modern medicine.

Since assisted reproductive technologies are constantly improving, the demand is quickly growing for ICSI-related medical interventions and medical experts.

But how can the market overcome the challenge of this ever growing need for trained professionals?

Well, IVF VR offers a ground-breaking solution, using the latest training technology — virtual reality with dynamic, interactive, and real-time 3D animation.


IVF VR gives you a life-like simulation environment dedicated to a thorough IVF training process.

Learning mode with hints, practice mode without them

Instant feedback on mistakes

Real microscope’s controller functions mirrored to keyboard and VR controller

Step by step procedure fully reflecting the real-life scenario


The training takes place in an identical digital version of a real IVF lab equipped with all the necessary devices.

  • Authentic 3-dimensional laboratory
  • Detailed IVF microscope on the table
  • Enlarged 3D microscope to learn its parts
  • External control monitor just like in a real lab
  • Control buttons to start the training


Align the needles to set up the working area
Select a drop that contains sperms only one of the elongated drops
Select a proper sperm and capture it appropriately
Select a drop to perform the bending of the tail without disturbance
Release the selected sperm and slow it down if necessary
Start bending its tail after rotating it into the right direction
Aspirate the sperm for fertilisation – apply the right amount of force
Penetrate a drop to find a proper egg it has a different shape
Select and capture the egg avoid the defect ones
Rotate the egg set the polar body in the right direction
Penetrate the membrane of the egg in the appropriate depth
Aspirate the cytoplasm until the sperm gets into the appropriate position
Withdraw the ICSI needle while injecting the cytoplasm back into the egg
Release the egg push it away from the holding needle
Align the needles to set up the biopsy procedure
Separate the cell from the embryo as a perfect ending

Any number of practice sessions
Unlimited eggs and sperms to practice on
Each practice session is different
Egg and sperm number, size, orientation, and movement are random for each session
Defect sperms (30) and eggs (15) included
Learn to move/rotate the sucking and biopsy needle
Instructions for each step
Wide range of useful feedbacks (alerts) when doing something wrong
Manipulators are operated with a VR controller or keyboard
Switching between rotation and movement as well as big and small movements for both needles
Easily accessible movement and suction control with
Clean dashboard for controller feedback
Full support from a licensed British Embryologist
Full access to a real IVF lab at The IVF Company’s training centre in Dubai


IVF VR is a virtual training simulator software which that takes ICSI-related professional training to the next level.

VR app

WEB browser app


IVF VR offers a modern e-learning solution, while overcoming the following:

  • Limited access to professional lab equipment
  • High cost of trainer’s time
  • Scarce availability of eggs / sperms
  • Low chance to experience deformed specimen
  • Limited availability of lab time for practice
  • Training restrictions on human samples


IVF Company is available as a Virtual Reality (VR) application running on Oculus Quest I and II — and also as an easy-to-access web solution running on your laptop using your internet browser. If you don’t have an Oculus Quest yet, start with the browser version.

VR headset – OCULUS Quest
Runs on Oculus Quest I and II
Fully immersive experience without distractions
Real-size microscope and laboratory
Intuitive controllers

Laptop / PC
Needles are operated with a keyboard
Runs in Safari, Chrome, and Edge
Internet access is required

Practice the whole process yourself

Whether the browser- or the Virtual Reality-based version is used, IVF VR user interface and easy-to-handle control buttons perfectly mirror the functionalities of a real IVF microscope.

Trainees will receive continuous, real-time feedback on any mistakes, the needle settings are always visible, and the current step of the process and the next action to performed can also be followed on the screen.


IVF company helps trainees become skilled ART professionals by ensuring unlimited practice time, detailed feedback, and a chance to experience various non-regular scenarios.

The simulator can be used for various purposes

ICSI, Embryo Biopsy & IVF courses designed and certified by the University of Kent, UK
In lessons with trainer support
Individual lab practice
Individual home practice
Pre-session at the IVF Training Centre in Dubai

Checking applicants
Procedural knowledge
Speed, accuracy

Refreshing knowledge
Explore the newest technologies, techniques, and trends in the world of IVF, including virtual reality (VR) applications.


Monthly / annual subscriptions
Package deal with on-site installation, training, and support hotline included
VR headsets can be bought from a 3ʳᵈ party or received with IVF Sim Pro already installed

Individual professionals

Trainees can subscribe to IVF Sim Pro
USD 40 / month
Runs on the subscriber’s own device

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